GACKT: Which name are you using now?
Kamijo: Versailles.
GACKT: No! I know that your new band is called Versailles!
Kamijo: My name right now is Kamijo.
GACKT: Why Kamijo? . Was I together with you…?
Kamijo: I…
Man (behind): Roadie…
GACKT: Oh yes, I remember! He was my roadie! But there are many people who don’t know about this.
Kamijo: Yes, I never told anyone.
GACKT: Many people do not know that you were a roadie, right?
Kamijo: We did tours through the whole country together.
GACKT: I learned that you are searching for a new name for your band?
Kamijo: Yes, it seems there is an American band with the same name, they said we copied the name of their band.
GACKT: And what did they say?
Kamijo: They said “If you want to continue using this name, you will have to pay us”
GACKT: Wow, that’s America!
Kamijo: They prohibited us from using the name VERSAILLES.
Kamijo: When we asked the fans for suggestions many said this. But we wanted something original.
Kamijo: It is a delicate matter. I need to think more carefully.

GACKT: You know, I even thought “I think this guy is kinda crazy”.
Kamijo: What are you talking about?!
GACKT: I remember when we were from MALICE and LAREINE and travelled together by ship, he was so funny and silly…Kami, Kozi and Yu~ki would ran after him and they took off this clothes by force. And there were even other passengers around! When I saw them, I asked “ What are you guys doing?”. The six of them, 3 from MALICE and 3 from LAREINE, were playing cards UNO and the one who loses the game would have to run naked around the ship…and It seems that Kamijo’s band lost the game

GACKT: When will be your next event?
Kamijo: We will have one on December 23th at C.C. Lemon.
GACKT: That’s great, I’ll go.
Kamijo: Really?
GACKT: Yes, I will invade the stage like a fangirl!

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